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The only traffic jams in Yelapa happen when friends stop for a chat on the path. The simple questions, ‘what time is it?’ or ‘what day's today?’ usually draw a blank. And although you can certainly go hiking, fishing, riding, meditating, disco dancing, and even flying, the most popular activity is still doing nothing at all.


what to bring

  • There are no ATM's in Yelapa, and only a few places will take credit cards, so bring cash.
  • You can use foreign credit or debit cards in any ATM in Mexico to get pesos at good exchange rates. USD bills are also widely accepted here.
  • The main means of transportation here is walking, so a small backpack is always handy.
  • Beds are usually fitted with mosquito nets in lodging facilites, but if you are prone to bites bring your favorite insect repellent.
  • There are no drugstores in Yelapa, and one can only find basic over-the-counter medicines at the stores, so bring enough medication you might be needing.
  • Yelapa has had electricity since August 2001, but the paths are still somewhat dark. A small flashlight or headlamp is a must.
  • If you visit during the winter, bring a light sweater or jacket.

Once Here

  • All of Yelapa functions on septic tank systems. Please, no paper in the toilets anywhere!
  • Most Yelapa restaurant and hotel workers get low or no salaries, so please don't forget to tip them. The norm here is 15%, with 20% being appropriate for outstanding service. Kindly bear in mind that foreign coins have no value in Mexico.
  • One should keep an eye out for scorpions throughout Mexico, but particularly in hot or tropical areas. Shake your shoes & clothes before putting them on, and be cautious when grabbing items.
  • Don't forget to lock up valuables at night.

Yelapa Weather

The rainy season is from early June to late October, when we normally have sunny mornings and showers in the afternoons. It is hot & humid, and there are fewer activities and dining options. But fishing is great, the beach is quiet, the ocean is calm as a lake, it is lush green everywhere, and you get to enjoy breathtaking rainbows, spectacular sunsets, and other amazing experiences not always present in the high season.

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