At the Los Muertos pieri
Tickets & information

To buy tickets or get info, at the Los Muertos pier in Puerto Vallarta, with the personal attention from Sergio. Also a secure option to leave your bags while waiting for your water taxi.
Sergio Martinez
(044 322) 260 9820
(044 322) 111 2486

Vacation Designer
(044 322) 135 3413

Vacation designer and on-site concierge, specialized in creating environmentally-conscious, fun and relaxation vacation experiences in Yelapa.
(044 322) 135 3413

To relax

Spa Therapisti
Sabrina García Joya
$20 to $50 USD

Certified Massage Therapist.
Therapeutic, Swedish, Holistic, Deep Tissue, neck & back. On the beach in front of Garcia Rentals or at your place, Monday through Friday.
Call for appointment
Cell (044 322) 121 3383

Library servicei
At Mimi's Cafe downtown
$30 MXN deposit

Large selection!
30 MXN returnable deposit.
Also books for sale.
At Mimi's Cafe in town
(322) 209 5049


Spanish Lessonsi
Nereida García
$20 USD per hour

Native speaker & bilingual.
Learn Spanish the right way!

Private lessons
$20 USD per hour
Group lessons
$15 USD per person/hour

Cell: (044 322) 137 8376
Facebook message.

Sierra Briano
Different rates

Fine artist Sierra Briano offers classes in painting & tin etching (repujado), and is also The Boss of the Women's Art Week in Yelapa.

For times, dates and prices kindly contact her directly.
(503) 277 8465

Hire a Nanny

Leilanni Rodriguezi
Any day except Saturdays
$15 USD per hour per child

Reliable and responsbile, Leilanni is a high school student born and raised in Yelapa. She loves children and is an experienced babysitter.

Cell: (044 322) 104 4945
Facebook message


$100 MXN per trip

Cipriano can help with your luggage, for a more comfortable arrival or departure. He is usually at the town pier, and he always carries his cellphone.
Call (044 322) 183 0919

Moto ride
From $50 MXN per trip

Known as the Yelapa Uber, Teo has a team of responsible, honest drivers that can take you anywhere you need to go at any time.
Available 24/7
Cell (044 322) 121 3933

Moto ride
$50 MXN per trip

Lupe and his wife own the "Janet" grocery store upriver, and Lupe also offers transport service.
1 to 2 persons - $50 MXN
3 persons - $70 MXN
(322) 209 5194

Moto ride
$100 MXN per trip

Very kind and responsible, Bombas can take you anywhere or bring stuff to you.
Only available before 2 pm
Cell (044 322) 111 2815


Health Centeri
Marlin 50
(322) 209 5084

Medical emergencies, illnesses, scorpion stings. The clinic functions primarily on donations.
Marlin 50
(322) 209 5084

Yelapa Animal Project
Please donate!

There is no vet in Yelapa, but in case of emergencies with pets or animals, call Jerry or Dana. Jerry is a vet tech, and they both have ample experience.

Yelapa Animal Project
Dana - (044 322) 188 8848
Jerry - (044 322) 188 1283


In town, by the Yacht Club
$20 MXN per kilo

Mon. to Friday 10 am to 5 pm
Sat. 10 am to 2 pm, closed Sun.
Delivery service.
Drop-off service also at Licoreria Arleen, next to the horses on the main beach.

$20 MXN per kilo
Blankets $80 MXN each
Ley García - 209 5137
Cell (044 322) 429 0955

Electric & plumbingi
Jaime Umbarger
$200 MXN on average

Bilingual professional.
$200 MXN per visit, with additional charges depending on the repair. Available year-round, and for emergencies at any time, with an extra fee for transportation.
Cell & Whatsapp:
(045 311) 145 5079
or via Facebook messenger

Las Tanquasi
Purified drinking water
$24 MXN per 5-gallon bottle

Spring water already clean from the source, purified through a strictly supervised high-tech process. Home-delivered if your place is accessible to an ATV, otherwise available at their tore.

Refillable 5-gall bottle: $24 MXN
Empty 5-gall bottle: $100 MXN
In town
Call (322) 209 5077

Yelapa Wifii
High-speed Internet
From $700 MXN per month

5 to 30 Mbps
Starts at $700 MXN per month.
(044 322) 100 5498

Other services

Cheryl Harlestoni
Translation & consultancy
Various rates

Bilingual & bicultural, over 20 years of experience, very familiar with Yelapa culture, legalities and nature.

Translations by phone:
$10 USD per 15 minutes
Documents: $0.08 USD per word
Consultancy: $35 USD per hour
Phone: 209 5245 or email.
More info here.


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